Puppy Chew Dog Toys Interactive and Chewing Cotton Rope Toys.

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Is your dog a chewing champion? All dogs like to chew. It relieves anxiety but
it also fulfills physiological needs such as exercising and developing the jaw,
as well as teething for younger dogs and from your pets perspective it’s play
time. It’s fun to gnaw and shred stuff and they can be puzzled by your dismay.
Certain breeds just love to destroy your belongings.
What you need is to find appropriate toys that your furry hound can play with
without destroying your possessions or endangering themselves.
This 100% Cotton Non-toxic Giraffe Rope Chew Toys for every times the
One of Carrot chew toy measure 4.29-inch length, 1.57-inch width, perfect for
your breed.
100% purely cotton made, Non-toxic dyeing, solid knots and flexible weave
that massage your pet’s gums, help clean teeth with every chew.
Not for aggressive chewers. Like every other toy, the cotton ropes are not
indestructible. We recommend supervised play, and timely replacement of the
broken ones.

Sample Policy: We do not offer free samples, but will reimburse
the buyer once an order is confirmed.
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