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We are an Integrated Supplier focusing on Supply Chain Management of Apparel, Bags, Paper Products

Hikesports is in the business of trading, sourcing and manufacturing apparel, bags, paper products  with own factories and subsidiaries for retailers and brands worldwide. We utilise our extensive networks, production experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond to the ever changing nature of the consumer market and production landscape. From our offices in Xiamen, our way of working is to combine traditional trade with modern methods so we can exceed your expectations and deliver you even greater value than our competitors.
At Hikesports, our people are proud of our company’s strong reputation. We hope you will see for yourself why we deserve it. Because we work to make things easy, this web portal allows you to find what interests you quickly and to learn more about the services we provide for our customers.
We are pleased that you are here today to learn more about us. We hope to learn more about you soon as well.



Communication comes naturally to us. We are there for our customers no matter what their time zone. At Hikesports, we pride ourselves on our accessibility and responsiveness. Our staffs are confident that when called upon for a service, each of them knows what to do, and that each and every staff in our company is exceptional in the operation of their daily tasks.

Manufacturing Source

We are a vertically integrated supplier, with the sourcing network and contacts you need to enjoy a smooth and efficient sourcing program. Fabrics and other raw materials for your apparel or sewn product contribute about 50-70% of the production costs or about 35-40% of the total wholesale price of apparel products. So, naturally, where we buy your raw materials is of critical importance for good prices.


Production Supervising

We are dependable: when things go wrong Hikesports has the resources, contacts, and know how to correct errors and unexpected glitches, complete contracts and deliver the goods. We supervise your production, provide professional feedback on a daily basis, understand what the factory’s production and quality control processes are and detect discrepancies early so we can implement necessary corrective actions.

Serving Our Customers For Over 18 Years

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the newly refurbished our website. These are some exciting times for all of us. This will provide an excellent chance for our friends, partners and visitors from around the world to learn more about us, its operations, products and values. This is also the place where you can find the latest updates from different parts of our organisation.
Hikesports was founded in Xiamen in 2002. Now we  operate businesses both online and offline. Our roots are in manufacturing apparel & bags, paper products, and from these beginnings we have since expanded to include an e-business division catering to those interested in sourcing readymade warehouse stock.
We are proud that our core values of serving customers with integrity, delivering value and exceeding expectations will always act as a strong guiding force for all of our future endeavours. If you are not already,We hope you will soon choose to work with us and share in the success we nurture with all our valued partners.
Welcome to Hikesports. Please enjoy and learning more about our company.