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Marp (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.

A Integrated Supplier focusing on Supply Chain Management of Apparel, Bags, Paper Products with Sourcing Network and Contacts.


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Do you work on designs?

Our Idea of innovation is not just about improving the products we make it’s about how we design better ones!
Hikesports source of innovation is TALENT. In our team, we combine designers, account managers and experts in operations of different background. People differ in their roles and have the freedom to think “out of the box” to find new and better solutions. We keep up to date with the latest trends and market tendencies and profit from the latest innovations in technology. In 2018, we purchased our first in-house 3D printer, which enables us to improve prototype processing, reduces development time, creates savings and improves customer satisfaction.

How to make manufacturing?

We provide clear standards to ensure suppliers are producing safe products from socially compliant factories. 

Hikesports‘s FULLY INTEGRATED Supply Chain gives our clients a SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE in every solution, from GENERAL to SPECIFIC NEEDS, and keeping it at a COMPETITIVE COST.

SUSTAINABILITY is the core for every process. Quality, Production Control, Compliance and Traceability. Our activity is in constant status of revision and correction in the seek of the continuous improvement of our processes.

How about the compliance?

Connecting brands with customers through top quality, best price products that are safe and socially compliant.
We guarantee the control of each project end-to-end, from initial stages, such as the purchase of raw materials and components, to the delivery to the client. We provide strict standards to make sure our clients’ brands appear only on products that are safe, of best quality, socially compliant and meet all legal requirements.
Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance are our main and first priority. Our Internal Quality Department checks all product requirements and regulations for each country, and get them verified and tested by external certified laborites: UL, SGS, Bureau Veritas,  AITEX, etc. We does internal and external product control through independent inspection companies: DUPRO (During Production) and FRI (Final Random Inspection).

What's your staff's performance?

We are major plaers in promotional projects. We give leading brands the solutions, the products and the on time – on budget answers they need with no worry and no doubt. We share scope, language and work ethics.

Our management system gives us the edge necessary to provide excellence everytime. We work accord the whole value chain, from design, sourcing, production management, manufacturing, auditing and logistics.

The client is the core at Hikesports. Our objectives are defined by the consumer insight, creativity and commitment to client’s objectives.

What's your IT solutions?

Our IT Solutions are focused on developing a comprehensive solution for procuring, sourcing, and executing premiums and promotional articles. Our first-class solution provides the opportunity to centralize premium campaigns, reduce costs and gain greater visibility into the overall promotional expenditure while ensuring brand consistency and quality across all projects. Through this partnership with Hikesports, the client will be able to easily maintain quality and workflow control across its marketing materials, leading to higher impact and higher net savings. We also offer the possibility of integration with existing platforms and are ready to work with appointed suppliers and integrate them within the technology solution.